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Are you puzzled by a financial crisis that has just hit you and your family? Are you a small businesses man who is looking for external sources of financial help to expand? We are here to provide assistance to all young people who aspire to go to start businesses.


Ø    How Can We Help 


The NP Trust Funds helps young adults who are moving forward to climb the “further steps of the business ladder.” We are here to mainly assist students who are not capable of taking loans at a high rate of interest to cover their costs. We give priority the disabled young people who belong to disadvantaged background and to single parents. Our primary aim is to provide funds for educational purposes like college fees and admission fees. We also provide loans for single parents who want to further their education and hone their technical skills to earn better and give their kids an improved life.

Our methods of giving loan are simple and we set realistic and tailored repayment options which would suit your budget and you will be able to pay back the amount over a certain period of time. The interest rate that you pay is comparatively much lesser than high rates charged by other private lending institutions.

We understand that every year many businees students do not get the chance to attend college just because they do not have enough money to afford higher education. NP Trust Funds organises flexible and affordable loans for business students most of whom are within the age group of 15 to 19. There are no application fees and no ongoing service charges and we do not levy any early payout penalties either. The contracts which you sign with us are drawn out in simple language and are easy to understand.

Ø    Accounts for young businesses 


Whether you aim at studying business, sciences, applied arts, computers, nursing or any other technical courses you are going to need funds to pay the admission and the tuition fees. If you do not have the means to gather the money that you require to pay for your education, the next best thing to do is to borrow the money. There are a lot of loan sharks in the market who target vulnerable businesses and squeeze out a lot of interest from them. NP Trust Funds have been especially set up to cater for such young adults who have the will and are looking for a way to start a business! We lend a helping hand to enable you get the funds at a low interest rate which would be easier for you to repay later. As we are a trust, there are no hidden costs and fine prints on application forms that you need to worry about. With us you are in safe hands. Start your business with us. 

Ø    Setting Up Accounts for Overseas businesses


We provide you with financial assistance if you are planning to do business in the U.K. We also have provisions that cater to funding for businesses who aspire to travel to overseas countries to garner specialised relationships. The cost of doing business overseas will depend on some important factors, like the type of business, the duration and of course most importantly the location. Once you are determined to pursue your business abroad, your main concern will be to make arrangements for funds that are enough to pay the tuition fee and cover the expenses of living.

Mostly companies take loans from bank or other financial institutions at a high rate which becomes difficult to return in the later stages. The NP Trust Funds understands your aspirations and dreams and so has designed easy and low interest loans for overseas businesses. Our aim is to see you fulfil your dreams and ensures that all worthy companies achieve what they aspire to become in life through higher connections.

We accept online applications as well as applications in person.

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TestimonialsJoe Stevenson

My dream was always to pursue education in computers. My family didn’t have much resources, this dream appeared farfetched for me. NP Trust Funds helped finance my higher education at a low interest rate. Now I have a degree and a job and can repay them. Thanks for the help!

TestimonialsCharlie Perry

I do not have enough words to thank NP Trust Funds. All that I am today was only possible because they helped me with education funds when I needed them the most. Now I have completed my nursing course and have a great job. 

Over the years we have helped many busineses. See what some said.