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Offshore Accounts and Corporation Taxation Laws

According to the law, businesses must remit corporation tax on any profits they make from or as limited companies, foreign organizations with branches in the UK, clubs or cooperatives. As a company, paying your taxes is your job. The government does not send you a bill at the month’s end with details. You must register for Corporation tax, maintain proper accounting records, pay tax on time or inform the authority if you have nothing to pay tax on and file returns on time.

There has been a growing trend of offshore company and bank accounts formations for tax reasons. Since its inception in the year 1965, corporation tax has endeavoured to make the playing field level in business by making individuals exempt from paying corporation tax. Charitable organizations and non profit entities are also not expected to pay this particular type of tax. Read More...

Use the Budgeting Loan Contact Number and Avoid a Life of Student Debt

College is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. It is the time to be carefree, enjoy the freedom of being away from the watchful eyes of the guardians, discover yourself and make plans for you future. College time expands your horizon and helps you prepare and plan for your future. It is also the time when you can be introduced to debts that may follow you for the rest of your life. For this reason, you need to equip yourself with adequate information on Student Finance to help you avoid a debt pitfall.

Do You Really Need Student Financing To Pay for University

Here is what happens; once your application is approved, the Students Loans Company automatically pays your tuition fees and gives you more money for your living expenses. The loan is meant to make your life in campus easier. You stand to get a little more of Government Benefits if you are on low income or have disabled and other dependents. Read More...

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My dream was always to pursue education in computers. My family didn’t have much resources, this dream appeared farfetched for me. NP Trust Funds helped finance my higher education at a low interest rate. Now I have a degree and a job and can repay them. Thanks for the help!

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I do not have enough words to thank NP Trust Funds. All that I am today was only possible because they helped me with education funds when I needed them the most. Now I have completed my nursing course and have a great job. 

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